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The Future of Intelligent Workplace Safety

Linker Networks has developed an AI-powered worker safety system that helps prevent workplace injury 24/7.

Tasks that have traditionally required hours of labor-intensive, in-person inspection and supervision can now be automated using Linker’s ready-to-adopt system, which integrates AI, machine learning, and the intelligent cloud. Built on Microsoft’s Azure Stack Edge and powered by Intel technology, the system is pre-trained for manufacturing and heavy industries such as oil and gas, mining, and construction.

Join this webinar to learn

  • The IoT innovations that power this worker safety solution

  • How this solution is built on Microsoft + Intel Intelligent Edge technology

  • How to customize the solution for your application and deliver successful real-world performance

  • How Azure IoT Edge automates workplace safety compliance


  • Dave Kurth, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Azure Stack Hub + Edge, Microsoft

  • Paul Shieh, Founder & CEO, Linker Networks

  • Wendy Lee, Business Development Manager, Linker Networks

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