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We Accelerate AI Development

Future of AI

"We are dedicated to building state-of-the-art AI technology and creating amazing impact in every person's life, by applying AI to various industries and products, and developing tools to accelerate AI development."

Linker CEO, Paul Shieh

Tech Webinar

2020 Building an Edge AI Manufacturing Solution

with Microsoft & Linker

Tech Features

Cross-Domain AI with Deep Learning Technology

Geometeric Graph
Distributed Inference Server

Our distributed multi-model inference server is capable of handling streaming with any number of mixed models.

Customized Metric Tool

Our customized metric tool lets data scientists "design and integrate" any customized metric easily.

Integrated Training

Integrated training environment for complex tasks: joint-training and hyperparameter tuning for complex tasks with basic models such as object detection, keypoint detection, segmentation, classification, anomaly detection, MOT, reid, OCR, etc.

Glass Buildings
Ground Truth Quality

Golden sample monitoring and analysis controls ground truth data quality and consistency.

Customized Bbox Shapes

Customized boundign box detection model inference and training.

Explainable AI

Our explainable and visualization tools help data scientists analyze data easily.


Cross-Domain AI with Deep Learning Technology

Female Industrial Engineer
Aerial View of Suburban Street
3D Scans

Public health: Aegist classification, mosquito egg counting, larva detection

ADAS and autonomous driving applications: 

key points, 2d street, 3d bbox, lidar cuboid, and so on.

Industrial safety: personal protection and construction equipment, line inspection with condition detections

Traffic & Aerial map:

2d-3d traffic status and road conditions, 

building conditions, tree counting

Medical: aneurysm detection, tumor detection

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