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The New Collaboration with Microsoft on Delivering an AI Solution in Manufacturing for Factories

Linker is very proud to announce the collaboration with the Azure Stack team, Microsoft on building a manufacturing solution for AI in factories. On the Microsoft build 2020, the Channel 9, Anjay Ajohda, Program Manager, and David Armour, Principal Program Manager, introduced the Manufacturing AI solution. See here for detail at

Linker has partnered with Microsoft for over a year, and with the partnership, Linker has succeed building an AI auto-labeling platform to benefit autonomous driving industry, and further to extend the platform to various industries, such as Public health, Medical and Manufacturing.

As we are aware that customers in Manufacturing are going through digital transform to try to implement AI solutions to their business flow, but finding a solution that could easily be implemented is challenging due to the lack of engineer expertises, high cost to install new software and difficulties to maintain the system.

Linker has been trying to oversee the market pain points and deliver an AI machine learning solution to benefit most industries with idea of few step clicks and without any require of data science practice. Few months back, Microsoft, came to Linker with the next revolution idea running on top of Azure Stack Edge and Azure Stack Hub. Without a second thought, Linker knew that we shared the same vision and started our collaboration.

The basic idea is using, Microsoft model training service, behind the scene and what customers will see is the user interface website with all function built in to set up models and running in hours. All codes are available on GitHub, just download, install and deploy. The journey is to help our customers to realize a concept in a single day and setup a prototype without require any expert to complete a task. The objects monitoring AI model only require a RTSP camera from a camera and setup objects of their choosing, click on configuration and the model will be deployed.

The purpose is to show customers how this technology can value their business and set up an AI model couldn’t be even easier. There are two phases with this product, the first release can be found here at, and now we are collecting user feedback and working on phase two with Microsoft to add other features and enhancements to this solution. We are very excited with the continue journey and to put this solution in production at large scale with customers.

Find out more about Linker, go to:

Please contact us at if you would like to know more about this solution, Linker is here to assist you anytime.

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