Diversified Domains and Services

We help businesses leverage AI with machine learning from cloud to edge

Aerial Map Buildings


Detect building conditions through times

Cardiac Ventricular


Detect cardiac ventricular volume and muscle strain in ultrasound

Lane Markings

Autonomous Driving

Detect lane markings, road markings, driver-able area with detailed attributes.

Medical Prescription


Detect prescription with AI-enabled OCR (medical words, stamps)

Sensor Fusion

Autonomous Driving

Detect vehicles, pedestrians, obstacles with segmetation in the point cloud.

Autonomous Driving

Autonomous Driving

Detect different kinds of vehicles, pedestrians, obstacles, worldwide traffic light/signs with detailed attributes.

Checkout-free Store


Detect shopping goods, shelf

LiDAR 3D Objects

Autonomous Driving

Detect vehicles, pedestrians, obstacles with cuboid in the point cloud.

Production Line Goods


Detect production goods and packages

Worker Safety


Detect helmet, safety belt, insulation protection equipment, tripod, vent pipe

Brain aneurysm, tumor and hemorrhage


Detect brain aneurysm, tumor and hemorrhage in MRI and CT scan

Dengue Mosquito

Public Health

AI prevention of Dengue Mosquito Life cycle - adult sex and species classification, egg counting, and larva classification

Lung Tumor and Lesions


Detect lung tumor and lesions in X-ray and CT scan

Road Condition

Smart City

Detect road condition, traffic flow status.