You've got data.
We've got tools.

We have the right tools for you to produce quality training data and enable AI managed services

Auto-Labeling Platform

Our continuous learning Auto-Labeling Platform is designed to produce consistent scalability and high-quality dataset with minimum effort

  • The ability to continue learning, and produce higher quality ground truth result

    Continuous Learning

  • User-friendly UI/UX makes it easy and fast to label complex data


  • Well-trained AI models provide accuracy to nearly 100% 


  • A cloud based segregated network platform, offering a high secure environment for processing data 


Fully Comprehensive Products

Our tools provide access to auto-labeled data for the various business of use cases 

Simple 3 Steps to Get Started

Datasets are the key to AI models. Linker tools are the fastest way to annotate data to build and ship AI applications. We build trust with our customers and deliver the highest quality for your business. 

  • Collect and upload images/videos to platform for labeling tasks

    Upload Data

  • Label and train data with our pre-built AI model. Double verified with our professional QA


  • Deliver consistent quality dataset
     in specified formats


    Ground Truth

Our Vision to the AI Solution

We are not only providing reliable tools but we are offering the continuous learning AI solution for our customer to accelerate the development of AI from data labeling to connected Intelligence AI, which applicable in various filed.

Our mission is to offer solution to vertically integrated industries like Autonomous Driving, HD Map, Manufacturing, Public Safety, Medical Imaging, AIoT and 5G+AI.