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Data-labeling has never been easier

Reduce cost, accelerate time-to-market, and ensure quality with Linker’s continuous-learning auto-labeling platform

Microsoft announced Linker Networks AI-based auto-labeling technology has proved to take annotation efficiency and reliability to a whole new level.

We are proud to announce that Linker is now in Microsoft automotive partner ecosystem and is ready to power the future of mobility

"We provide AI dataset pre-processing services for autonomous driving cars. Our auto-labeling platform is built on Microsoft Azure, a segregated network that offers a secure environment for you to process your data. We offer intelligent auto-labeling models and a comprehensive range of production tools to generate“ground truth,” effectively." --Linker Chief  Architect, Willy Kuo

How we do it



Data Scalability


Time Savings



Linker provides

✔︎ Web-based Labeling Tool including LiDAR

✔︎ Seamless UI/UX

✔︎ Machine Learning Auto-Labeling Models

✔︎ Accuracy & Consistency Ground Truth

✔︎ Millions Data Labeling Scalability

✔︎ Data Locked & Security

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Rich set of Tools
Flexibility and Configurable Tools 

Our products are available in LiDAR 3D, 3D BBox, Segmentation, Polygon, Line & Spline, Landmarks for various use cases.