About Us

“We are Linker Networks - an innovation company focused on developing state-of-the-art AI software, including AI models, auto-labeling platforms, and intelligent Edge AI featuring real-time inference. Linker's machine learning technology delivers AI with a continuous learning platform spanning the cloud to Edge, enabling AI managed services for enterprises and mobile operators.

Most recently, we’ve provided AI dataset pre-processing for auto-labeling platform services for autonomous driving cars. Our auto-labeling platform is built on Microsoft Azure, a segregated network that offers a secure environment for you to process your data. We offer intelligent auto-labeling models and a comprehensive range of product tools to generate “ground truth,” effectively.

Our goal is to offer world-class bespoke cloud and Edge AI solutions for our customers to enable AI services efficiently, and to help them find the perfect business opportunities.”

Our Mission

“For companies who are looking for smart, continuous learning label and annotation training data solutions, Linker's intelligent auto-labeling platform provides consistent scalability and high-quality data output. With Linker, just upload images and a trained dataset will be produced to you without needing to build your own automation technology. Our platform also provides the advantages inherent in getting your product to market faster than your competitors.”

We Accelerate AI Development

Auto-Labeling Platform is broadly applicable to accelerate AI development across a variety of industries.








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