Exciting news! We are excited to start a new collaboration with Microsoft on delivering Manufacturing AI solution for Factories. See our blog for more information:  

Data-labeling has never been easier

Reduce cost, accelerate time-to-market, and ensure quality with Linker’s continuous-learning auto-labeling platform

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The New Collaboration with Microsoft on Delivering an AI Solution in Manufacturing for Factories

On the Microsoft build 2020, the Channel 9, Anjay Ajohda, Program Manager, and David Armour, Principal Program Manager, introduced the Manufacturing AI solution. See here for detail at.. 


Why Us

  • Secure and Flexible

    Our platform is built on Microsoft Azure, a segregated network that offers a secured environment for processing your data.

  • A Rich Set of Tools

    Our products are available in LiDAR 3D, 3D BBox, Segmentation, Polygon, Line & Spline, Landmarks for various use cases.

  • Simple and Scalable

    User-friendly UI/UX makes it easy to get started, leveraging inherent scalability to secure quick results.

Accelerating Machine Learning with Quantifiable Results 

Increase Productivity

Reduce Cost

Automation replace humans, save on labor cost and speed up the labeling process to eliminate rework and waste. 

Accelerate time to market, gain strong competitive advantage in the market.

Accuracy Enhancement

Increase the reliability: Consistent throughput rates and Consistent quality data.




Semantic Segmentation


Ground Truth



From Training Data to End-To-End Intelligent Solutions

AI Model Services

We meet the client requirements and exceed expectation through researching, designing and building bespoke AI technologies to help you find business opportunities

Auto-Labeling Platform

A secure, cloud-based labeling platform that empowers you to create the data annotation you need for making your AI models accurate and efficient

Connected Intelligence 

The next era of "connected intelligence" is rapidly approaching. Linker Edge AI solutions provide the ability of real time operations and continuous learning to facilitate and enhance data communication

Linker's world-class AI platform is applicable to vertically integrated industries like Autonomous Driving, HD Map, Manufacturing, Public Safety, Medical Imaging, AIoT and 5G+AI. 

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