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Improve Industrial Worker Safety with AI and image analysis.

Improve Industrial Worker Safety with AI and image analysis

Combines the power of IoT and AI to help businesses protect workers from on-the-job injuries


The Future of Intelligent Workplace Safety. Linker Networks has developed an AI-powered worker safety system that helps prevent workplace injury 24/7.

The new collaboration with Microsoft and Intel on improving industrial worker safety with video and AI.

We deliver


Linker Vision AI helps you keep your operations in hazardous job sites by using video cameras, smart auto-labeling algorithms, and edge devices. 


Our system detects safety issues and concerns in real-time and alerts your team so they can maintain productivity while minimizing accidents.



  • Improve employee safety and minimize on-site accidents and injuries in hazardous work environments



  • Keep your operations and production running while reducing the cost of safety monitoring and insurance



  • Enhance ability to comply with government regulations, safety protocols and site / equipment inspections


Vision AI Features

Real-time AI Detection
Easily monitor safety status across multiple job sites and crews. 
  • Real-time AI detection with live streaming and location map

  • User-friendly and off-the-shelf accessible, flexibility on Web, iOS or Android App

  • Up and running in a day without any AI data science practice.

  • Ready-made solutions that are fast and easy to deploy. 

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