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Linker Networks AI-based auto-labeling technology has proved to take annotation efficiency and reliability to a whole new level.

The Future of Intelligent Workplace Safety. Linker Networks has developed an AI-powered worker safety system that helps prevent workplace injury 24/7.

Linker's web-based visualization AI platform is purposefully made simple, user-friendly, and off-the-shelf accessible. We want customers to be able to use Linker solution and have it up and running in a day, even if they don't have data scientists on staff.

AI Visualization

Why Linker

Cutting Edge AI Platform

With Auto-Labeling and Auto-Machine Learning, we can deal with large-scale data with high quality and deploy models with continuous learning.

AI + IoT

With strength in AI and IoT, we help our customers turn data into business value. 

Widely Applicable

Linker solution can be easily applied to multiple verticals and accelerate business impact with automation & intelligence.

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Formosa Plastics Group

World's top chemical company 

Jason Lin
Our priority at Formosa Plastics is to ensure our employees are all safe and sound in their workplace. Over the years, we have continually tried to find a best-fit safety solution. Linker Networks’ solution can check if people are wearing the right PPE, following the standard operation procedure, or entering a restricted hazardous area, and then alert on-site supervisors and managers. Our company is bringing AI to the workplace to comply with our mission and Linker’s worker safety solution can deliver the right value for us."

Tech Webinar

2020 Dec Tech Webinar

The Future of Intelligent Workplace Safety

with Microsoft & Linker

Vision AI Platform

The most powerful AI Infrastructure for multiple verticles
Auto-Machine Learning + Auto-Labeling
  • Improves business operations using video and AI

  • Manage and monitor all activities at all times in one view

  • Off-the-shelf and customizable AI models

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Build models, deploy and retrain with just a few clicks

  • Real-time detection with live-streaming cameras
  • Self-defined object detection models
  • Model retraining with continuous learning


Automatically creates ground truths and uses AI to train AI

  • Uses AI models to auto-label training data
  • Generates consistent, high-quality, and accurate data
  • Saves time and cost to enhance business competitive advantages

Cross-Domain AI Technology

Files and Packages
Workers with Safety Vests
Lab Experiment
3D Scans


Autonomous Driving & ADAS

Industrial Safety

Public Health


2020 Microsoft Global Partner of the Year

Linker Networks is named Automotive industry for the 2020 Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards.
Jason Lin
Chairman, Formosa Plastics

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